Camping adventure

Whether in a tent or a caravan – spending the night in the great outdoors is an absolute highlight. We have put together some useful tips and tricks so that nothing stands in the way of a beautiful night under the stars.


Choosing the right tent is crucial – because size matters. Tip: It’s best to buy a tent that has room for at least one more person, and it’s important to keep things tidy – even in the tent. So that you don’t have to constantly search for your small items or find your flashlight more quickly at night, simply tape it to the inside of the tent with a piece of T-Rex®. So you always have everything you need to hand.

Has your tent been your faithful companion for a long time and now unfortunately has a leak? With T-Rex® Clear, it stays dry in the tent even when it rains and you can enjoy your favorite tent for a little longer.

Shoes off in the tent! You should always follow this rule so that it doesn’t get uncomfortable inside. Because you won’t be getting rid of sand any time soon: whether in your sleeping bag, between your clothes or on the floor, the grains of sand hide everywhere.


Don’t worry. With a strip of T-Rex® Clear you can easily repair them and go back to sleep in peace.

On cold nights, it’s best to take your drinks bottles with you in your sleeping bag. That way, nothing can freeze. Just make sure that the containers are leak-proof – you can of course also wrap your drinks in a plastic bag or similar to be on the safe side.


Of course, T-Rex® is an all-purpose weapon and all-rounder that you should always have with you. But we have even more tips and tricks for the right equipment for you:

No matter what you take with you, whether tent, camping stove, pots or flashlight. Test all your equipment before you set off on your adventure to avoid any nasty surprises.

Aluminum foil is a must when camping. Similar to T-Rex®, it is an all-rounder: you can wrap potatoes, meat and vegetables in it and put them in the campfire or store your cooked food in it later so that it lasts longer. You can also use it to make a makeshift cooking pot or cup, or build a windbreak for your camping stove.

Music puts you in a good mood! Would you like to not only enjoy the silence of nature, but also listen to your favorite music from time to time? Then place your cell phone in a ceramic mug – and make your own loudspeaker.

So that you don’t have to carry your entire household around with you, you can fill small Tic-Tac tins with spices, for example. You can collect the cans in a practical zip bag, for example. So you always have everything you need for cooking with you and don’t have to compromise on delicious taste.

To dry your clothes after a strenuous day of hiking, you can simply attach your washing line (e.g. a rope) to the tree with a piece of T-Rex® Tape.


Do you camp for several days in one place? We also have some helpful tips for your leisure activities at the campsite so that you don’t miss out on the fun of being active.

A broken fishing rod shouldn’t spoil your dinner. So that you can still catch fish, simply take a piece of T-Rex® Tape and wrap it around the break. This gives you a functioning fishing rod again.

Now your fishing rod is ready for use again, but your fishing pants have a leak? T-Rex® can help you here too. With a piece of T-Rex® Clear you can invisibly repair the leak and continue fishing in the river. All hail!


You can also explore the nature around you in a kayak or boat. Don’t worry, because your T-Rex® tape is always with you, nothing can happen to you or your boat.

Further projects

Hiking adventure

Spring, summer or fall - any time is hiking time! Simply get out into nature and treat yourself to a little (or big) break. T-Rex® is a loyal and important companion when hiking. But we also have a few other tips and tricks for you to make your hiking experience unforgettable.