Hiking adventure

Spring, summer or fall – any time is hiking time! Simply get out into nature and treat yourself to a little (or big) break. T-Rex® is a loyal and important companion when hiking. But we also have a few other tips and tricks for you to make your hiking experience unforgettable.


The right footwear is essential for a hiking tour. Because if you don’t have to worry about ill-fitting shoes or slipping socks, you can enjoy your adventure much more. The hiking boots should be well broken in, preferably reach over the ankles and have a good profile. But choosing the right socks is also crucial. Tip: It is best to apply deer tallow to your feet beforehand; this makes the skin on your feet more elastic and prevents blisters and minor injuries. The best choice for socks are socks or socks made of merino wool that are reinforced and padded on the balls of the feet and heels. On a multi-day hiking tour, it is best to wear the socks for several days in a row. Sweat creates a protective film that prevents chafing.

How annoying that the hiking boot breaks down on the way. But no problem: with a piece of T-Rex® you can tape your shoe and get to your destination with dry feet! However, if your hiking boots have become damp on the inside due to rain or sweat, hot stones are a great remedy: heat a few large stones after your hike (e.g. in a campfire) and place them in your boots overnight. Cover everything well, then your shoes will dry while you sleep. The next morning you can start your next adventure with dry feet!


Bad weather shouldn’t put you off your hike, because a hike in the rain can also be very beautiful and mystical. But checking the weather forecast is a MUST. Especially in the mountains, you should always expect the weather to change. Choose the right clothing for the weather ahead and always carry rain protection with you. If it rains, you should seek shelter.

Do you want to take a short break in the rain and there is no shelter in sight? Then quickly build yourself a shelter with T-Rex® and a tarpaulin. This way you can at least take a short break and recharge your batteries for the rest of the hike.

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